Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So this is Christmas, and what have we done?

I can't really decide if I'm looking forward to Christmas or just looking forward to it being over. Maybe a little of both, does that make sense? I've been melancholy lately. I don't miss Kenny (Pip), I really don't. But I do miss liking someone. It was fun looking forward to going to work each day because I knew I'd see him and get those fluttery feelings. Maybe some worthy person will come along, because I sure as hell know it ain't gonna be him. He made me so angry last week, and I'm not even sure why it pisses me off so much since he didn't do anything personally to me at all. He was off Friday and off Sunday, and decided he'd call in Saturday so he could have a three day weekend. I told him he'd get a point on his ass if he did that (Voldmart has a point system. Get too many points and you could get coached/fired). He said it'd be worth the point for a bonfire and drinks with friends. He wasn't there Saturday and I came home to find my FB feed filled with half a dozen posts from him about how he's getting shit faced drunk even though the wood is wet and he can't have a fire and then later on how much he wanted a BC powder because his stupid head hurt REALLY bad. And of course he thinks what he did is fucking hilarious. Almost his entire department was pissed off because he left them a person short on one of the busiest weekends of the year, and the majority of the work was left on the back of an older gentleman who has had three strokes and can't really get around all that great. He's always complaining that he has no money and has kids/bills to pay for, and yet he pulls this shit and it infuriates me. I just feel like telling him to grow the fuck up. Fine, you have a shitty Volde-Mart job. Go ahead and treat it like it's not important and see how funny all of this is when they show you the door, because there are probably 40 people who would be chomping the bit to have your job and do it properly, you useless, self-centered drunk piece of redneck shit. I dunno what your problem is but you must have a big one if you like Jack Daniels and Bud Light better than the company of real people and a decent, respectable life.

Also, he said that Louis is a brown nose because Louis started on overnight remodel in April, went up front to cashier with me for a while, then got service desk, then was moved to sporting goods, and now has a position as an Asset Protection guy. I guess impressing management and showing some initiative makes you a loser. I like Louis :(

He also makes fun of the new store manager. Not because he's a manager, but because he's Hispanic and 'his voice is funny and I can't understand a word he says and I laugh every time he talks!'

I guess I should be glad that he was never interested and finally showed his true, ignorant, asshole colors before I got involved with him, but he still infuriates me, as do most people with no initiative whatsoever. Does the fact that I kind of hope he gets fired so I don't have to see him or deal with his bullshittery anymore make me a huge bitch?

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