Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cameras Don't Lie!

Work Stuff -

At least one person has gotten fired this week. A lady who has worked in the pharmacy and been with the store for YEARS. She was already there when I worked there before, and she was still there when I came back. At least until yesterday when she was escorted out the doors for stealing merchandise. I guess LP has been suspecting her for a long time, but just needed proof. This was someone I used to get along with really well, although I have to admit she's been pretty cold with the shoulder since I came back and didn't really talk to me much unless I said something first. Shame.

Story the second comes yet again from my good little friend Mr. Pip. He told me one of the guys in sporting goods was pulled aside by management Friday night and ripped a new one. He was picking his nose and then wiping his finger off on the clothing in sporting goods. EEEAAAUUUUGGH! Who does that WTF WTF. I guess there's a good reason to wash your 'new' clothes before you wear them. I don't think he was fired yet, but I understand they really wanted to.

Really, people. The head lady in LP wasn't just shitting around when she kept doing happy dances about the hundreds of new cameras that were being installed during remodel. They really did install lots and lots of fucking new cameras, and you can't see all of them, either. But they see you, oh yes they do, my Precious.

During my time working signage, I had several partners. One of whom I shall dub Nature Boy. Not because he's particularly wise, but he sure seems to think he is, and he's definitely shy and sad of eye. He too was placed in the Produce department when given a permanent position, and Pip tells me he's nearly 100% sure the guy, along with one of the guys in bakery, go home on their lunch hour and smoke weed because they're always giggly and very hungry when they return and can't stop smiling. Anywho, Nature Boy calls in a lot. Pip says he's called in over 7 times since he started on remodel in March or April, and will often leave early or halfway through a shift and claim he's sick. No one in Produce likes working with Nature Boy, because they say it's as good as working solo, since you can't find him most of the time. Anywho, Volde-Mart only lets you have a certain number of call ins, which in turn equal 'points' before you start to get warnings. NB has gotten a verbal and a written for them. No one would need to know this, but Nature Boy is easily peeved and bitched to Pip about it, who told me. Apparently, the same night management got to deal with Mr. Pick 'n' Flick in sporting goods Nature Boy demanded a 'discussion' with two of them, during which he informed them it was completely wrong that he still has the points from his call-ins on remodel. He feels since he was moved to a different department, his old points should have been deleted when he was put in Produce. Management doesn't see things that way. Attendance is attendance, no matter what area you work in. Nature Boy called in 'sick' the following morning. I don't imagine that went over very well, but I haven't found out what's happened to Nature Boy because my little birdie and source of info, AKA Pippy, is off until Thursday.

And I think that's all in the department of workplace drama. Until my next shift, anyways.

From Shiny's Own Mind

A good friend of mine from bygone times (we still keep in touch every now and then) always told me that I had the gift of Discernment. It's nothing fancy like prophecy or that weird tongues shit or healing or anything like that. I'm just able to tell people's moods and if something is bothering them, even if no one else notices. Pippy is a very unhappy person. It may not seem that way when he's working; he's very upbeat, helpful, good with customers, jokes around, and is generally a very cheery and amiable kind of guy. People like him because he doesn't constantly bitch and moan about everything, like a lot of people do. He'll open doors for you, he'll take your trash at the restaurant and then open the door for you again. But he seems kind of lonely and confused, despite having a full house (His brother, father, and pregnant niece have all moved in with him). Every now and then you'll see a status update or feed on a friend's wall from him along the lines of "Guess what I'm lying to myself too" or "Got too much shit going on right now to be happy." Most recently is "so tiered of bs trying to figure out how to get away from somebody in my life that i luv but does me so wrong cant take it anymore just lost" =-(And that's beside the drinking. Now, I don't think he's into alcoholic territory, not quite anyways, since he doesn't show up to work sloshed, and stays at home with his drinks instead of going out and tearing up the town. But every time he's got a day off coming up, he tells everyone he's got a bottle waiting for him, and one for the next day and one for the next. I have no problem with drinking, but you only drink THAT much if you're trying to hide from or numb something. I posted in my other blog a few months back (desibarbossa.livejournal.com) that I was worried about Pippy in the emotional and spiritual sense. I prayed for him, but other than that I really didn't know what to do. The last thing I wanted (and still feel this way) was to sit him down and give him a 'God' talk. He grew up in church and was raised here in the Bible belt, he knows about all that. And I know he has other friends who care about him and would probably like to see him treat himself a little bit better. All I've ever done is jokingly tell him "Be good" or "Behave yourself" when I know he's got days off coming up and is going to be making out with Jack Daniels. But for some reason, I think he's starting to crack. I hear little bits here and there about wanting to make a change in his life, a big one. And the other night, being his 'Friday' as we say in the non-8-5 world, he came through my line with his brother and niece, and started talking about his days off again. He stopped himself, but I'm positive the first words out of his mouth were "I need to qu-- . . .uh. Yeah. I'm gonna go home and have some drinkies." I just told him not to overdo it. He said he wouldn't. "At least not tonight. Maybe tomorrow." I dunno. I get too attached too easily to people, but I really do hope he's going to change for the good and is able to deal with whatever is bothering him so much. Whatever happens, I'm glad I didn't act a prude and start avoiding him or treating him like shit when I found out about the trafficking. He seems to have a need for being around other people, anybody really, but he still sticks around me a lot. The other night he came back inside before his break was over and talked to me while I was at the door. It's not like there weren't about a dozen people outside he could have talked to instead. Not that I'm complaining. I'm just not sure what to do with him. Sure, he'll hop in my truck and go to Hardee's. I wonder if he'd be opposed to going to church with me someday. Or something. It's been a while since I've been, too. I doubt it'd hurt either of us.

Mama said . . .

I've never really wanted kids. Mom apparently has a hard time dealing with this. Just when I think we've made peace with the whole "Grace wants to be childfree" thing, she up and 'Bingoes' me. "Bingo" is a term commonly used by the childfree to describe things said by childed people who are in denial about our CF-ness. "You'll change your mind" "You'll think differently when you meet the right person" "Who will take care of you when you're old?" and "But your parents need grandchildren from you!" are common ones. This past week alone, I've gotten several comments about how I just haven't met the right man yet, and that "When you have a little redheaded boy, you can name him Lane." Aww come on WTF. No little redheaded kids. No kids! I'm just not cut out for it, and I know I'd be miserable if I had any. And I don't want to put my body through childbirth, hell no! A while back I mentioned that something I liked about Pip was that he didn't want anymore kids, as in, EVAR. Her response? "Oh, I'm sure if Pippy really liked you enough, he'd want a kid with you." AH GOD NO! Now, if I can be vain for a moment and say that, hells yes, he and I would have some damn good-looking kids. However, I don't wanna squirt out kids with someone just because they'd be pretty. Pippy already has two kids anyways, and has admitted that he sometimes would like to go back in time and not have the first one. Or at least have her with someone different. But really Mom, no kids for Shiny. My Dad says "What's the point in marrying someone?" if I don't plan on having kids with them. That kind of hurts. So I'm not supposed to find and be with someone I care about, JUST because I care about them and love them, if we don't wanna squirt out kids? That's not fair.

Anywho, I could go on and on with this, but blah, I think that's enough for now. Nighty night!

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