Friday, September 24, 2010

Sticks and Stones

I only had 20 hours this week, all in four hour shifts. Blech. I'd rather do a few long ones than so many shorties, but I take what I'm given job-wise in this day and age, you know? I don't want to be "that" employee, you know the one. They're always going to management to 'bring up a problem', ie bitch and moan. So not much in the way of customer suckery this week, just the usual. Today I worked 9AM-1PM and it was pretty pleasant; I was on an express lane and Hurley was up on a neighboring register most of the time, and he always makes things fun. Clocked out, went home, changed, and picked up Mom & Charles for weekly shopping and lunch at Subway. Back to work after working, oh goodie. At least I'll get to socialize with people I've missed all week due to my screwy schedule, I thought.

Saw Roland first, working the meat dept. I asked him how he was and he said "Not good." Apparently another guy who works in grocery has gotten him in trouble somehow, and Roland seemed really out of sorts about it, I've never seen him like that before. I couldn't get the full story because he was working and the guy was right behind him, I'll see if I can talk to him a while tomorrow. I know how excited he was to leave dairy for meat and I'd hate to see a falling out happen there. Also, I thought the guy he was ticked off at was alright. I guess I was wrong.

Welcome back to high school, kiddos!
Moving right along . . . headed to produce not long after that to visit Pippy. Between him calling in sick last week and my messed up hours, I haven't seen him since last Friday besides on Facebook, and frankly, I'd much rather talk to someone's face than on FB. I was able to talk to him for a while under the guise of standing out of the way of other customers, and he said as soon as he clocked in today, he was in the middle of a bunch of 'bull doo doo'. (His words, not mine, LOL). Anywho, not funny. Sasha, who is really in Floral but helps in produce most of the time because her department is so small, pulled him aside and told him that someone had started a rumor regarding him and Lana, another girl who works in produce and in turn, works closely with Pippy a lot. Apparently, 'word' has it that the two of them are having an affair 'judging by the way they act around each other.' Sasha is friends with Lana and knows that this is absolutely untrue. She just told Pippy that she thought he ought to know, and would he like to know the name of the person responsible for it. Well, yeah, he kind of would, it turns out. The culprit[s]?

Nature Boy and his pothead friend from the bakery whom shall be henceforth known as Prince Douche. Both these guys worked on the remodel team, and they were trouble then, too. Nature Boy ended up being my signage partner, and I thought he was ok then. Or I was just so grateful that he didn't make inappropriate comments or flick boogers in the store like the guy before him. Prince Douche also gave the store planning leads some grief, to the point they took his radio away from him because he was always on it blathering away nonsense and asking stupid questions instead of working. And lately, more than once, I've had Pippy tell me that he's going to go downstack pallets/count product/do inventory in the bakery "because Prince Douche won't do it." Uh . . . wow. Props to him for helping out like that and in turn probably making management love him even more, but really, why is the guy from produce constantly skipping over the to bakery to do another guy's job? It wouldn't surprise me if either of these guys gets shown the door in the near future. Either STFU with the immature shens and do your job or GTFO.

Sasha told Pip that she would mention it to their manager, whom I shall call Nancy Hicks Gribble (LULZ! For real, she calls us all "Shoog" and has huge blonde hair an an accent) and Nancy could say something to the boys if the rumor shenanigans keep up. He panicked and said no no, don't do that, just let it lie, it's not worth bothering management over. "Oh . . . um, sorry. Well guess what. I already told her about it. She says just let her know if it happens again." Oh geez. What's done is done, and Sasha was probably only acting with Pippy and Lana's best interests at heart, and what's done is done. Although I think it was probably a good idea, I worked with Nancy during remodel and on the odd occasion now, and she's very fair and reasonable. Not to mention she really likes Pip as an employee.

He seemed really bothered about the whole thing though, because he kept going on about it. "I thought me and Nature Boy were alright, I thought we got along OK. And even T is in on it. (another guy in produce). Really I don't talk to Lana any differently than I would anybody else. Of course we're together alot given we WORK in here together, that's gonna happen. And she talks to me when she's bored, sure . . . but we're not having an affair." He just kept on about it, which isn't really like him, I felt so bad. He seems to already be going through lots of emotional and spiritual crap, is trying to get himself straightened out after his trafficking mess, and is really just trying so hard to stay out of trouble. And these weed snorting assholes have nothing better to do than giggle and say that he's screwing a coworker because they're together a lot and get along. It hurts him. It hurts Lana. It clearly upset Sasha and you know it's upset me. I mean, I'm not sitting here listening to Evanescence and crying blood or anything, but I'm pissed and a little sad. Oh well, Shiny. This too shall pass.

Pip said that he'd better get back to working on the 'Taters (What's taters, Precious? What's taters EH?") and added jokingly that we'd better be careful "Or it'll be us having the affair next."

Me: "Well if we are, I wanna know about it."

Pip: "Hey, me too! I didn't realize I had the first, I don't wanna miss out on another one!"

He did promise to tell me if he does find out we're having an affair together though, LOL.

He's so odd lately. This morning he posted "My daughter called me this morning just to tell me she loves me, I wonder what she wants lol". Well, she is a teenager, and they have been butting heads a lot recently. It's entirely possible that she wants something, as teens often do. But maybe, just maybe Pippy, she wanted to say she loves you.

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