Saturday, May 28, 2011

You know you're in trouble when Lady Gaga makes sense

What the fluff? This guy is like a fritzy heating gauge or a broken cooler or something! He was doing his 1-10 yesterday (Well, 1-8. He told them that was the only way he could come back at 5AM and be functional) and asked me almost when I walked in the door when me and Dix were going to lunch because he wanted to come. Just like we all used to. Maybe I'm reading into things too much again, and he wasn't being cold with me but genuinely had things going on. God knows it's only likely, the way his life is. While May 6 came and went, and he's still not being totally up front with me about the house arrest I know he must be on, I gather the date has been moved and he's still got his leash on. But he's not being entirely evasive anymore, either. A Facebook conversation during which he was slap drunk and me and Dixie were being ourselves, I somehow got myself roped into paying for him to get "Hillbilly Deluxe" tattooed on one of his buttcheeks. I thought he'd wake up in the morning and change his mind, but it seems he really does want it, only "Not until after June 16." Today he scolded me for having 2/3 of the weekends off and said he's gonna make me come in and work produce, I told him to just request my weekends off instead and I'll drag him to the beach because nephew is probably moving away and I won't have a beach buddy anymore. He said any weekend after June 16 would be great. So it's not that he forgot he told me we could do stuff together this summer, it's just that he honestly can't, unless he wants to violate his punishment and go to prison. I really wish he'd just be upfront about it, although at least he's not trying to make plans he can't keep anymore, at least . . . with me. Dixie was all excited and told me I have to come over tomorrow because "Pippy's coming over and we can all get drunk!" Eru bless him, I know he's not coming, and he really shouldn't have told her yes, and I finally gave her a 'between me and you' heads up as to why he flakes out all the time so she won't get mad at him again. I'll go over anyways; she and I are both off until Tuesday and what better way to spend a 3-day holiday weekend? I feel bad because Mom told me "Oh sure, go have fun. Just don't do dope or get drunk . . . or run up a huge bill with premium text messaging!" (Yeah, nephew did some weird shit with his phone and is in hot water). I'm staying the night so hopefully I can sleep off the drunk and she'll never know. Another reason I just need my own place. I understand why she's concerned, both her father and my Dad's Dad were alcoholics and she's afraid I'll turn into one, too. But really, I need to live a little.

Maybe Pips will make good on his agreements to let me get his ass inked or take him to the beach, maybe he won't. Maybe I shouldn't spoil him like the typical, 'traditional' male would spend money on the woman. But I've been paying for nephew's dinners and movie tickets and taking him and his friends to the beach, and he's a grown ass adult, so I don't see the difference if I spoil Pips in his place. Maybe I'll regret it and start hating him again. But there's only one way to find out, and I guess it's better to regret doing something than to regret not doing it.

And now, tales from the Funny Pharm

Talk to any retail or fast food working and we'll tell you that one of our biggest peeves is a customer on their cell phones in line. It especially irritates the pharmacy technicians, because most of the time, dropping off your Rx to be filled requires MORE communication than flinging a piece of paper at them and then getting your panties in a wad when they tell you the wait is longer than five minutes. They often need to know your drug allergies (you know, so we don't dispense something that will kill you), and in the case of controlled drugs, your address. Don't approach the window, flapping your lips away, and then pointedly tell the person on the other end "Ugh, I gotta go, this lady wants to talk to me!" It's not appreciated in the pickup line, either. Older woman from last week, you should know better. You already held up the line asking half a dozen redundant questions, put a bunch of non-pharmacy items up for me to ring, and then pulled out your phone to DIAL a call and didn't pay me until you had finished your conversation. Everyone behind you was really pissed off, by the looks on their faces and the silent exchanges I had with them via eye contact, though fortunately none of them took out their frustration on me.

Rant the second - people who take and/or drop off scrips and have NO idea what they are. You are all just idiots and a medical disaster waiting to happen. FFS, know what this stuff is and don't tell me "I want the two I dropped off earlier, I just DON'T want the ones from Dr. Knowsnothing, I had an allergic reaction to that. I think it was a cream."

"Sir, one of the scrips you dropped off earlier is for a cream, and it's the only cream I see on here."

"I DON'T want the cream, I had a reaction."


"Yeah, yeah that was it. I don't want it."

Then you came back later to pick them up, wondering where the fucking Nystatin was because that was one you DID want. You farking idiot! I told you multiple times I couldn't tell which Dr. wrote which scrip, I don't have that information on my terminal! How hard would it be for people to actually learn what they hell they're swallowing, slathering on, inhaling, or shoving up their asses? Nothing's quite as frustrating as someone with seven scrips ready who only wants to pick up one, but they don't know which one or what it's for. Well, it's a pill and it costs $4 a month and it starts with the letter M. Just like the other six.

And yet, I still enjoy going to work every day and wouldn't swap my job or coworkers for anything in the world.

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