Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh Bla Di, Oh Bla Da (try 2)

Life Goes On, Rah! Fa-la-la-la Life Goes On

Yes, it does indeed, and in a good way. Saturday, however, when I talked to Pip, it was a couple hours into his shift, and he looked pissed off and ready to cry. Apparently he clocked in for the day, went to his department, and found himself ostracized. He tried saying hi to Sasha but said she just snapped "DON'T even talk to me" and walked away. WTF! She's the one who went squealing to Asst. Manager Nancy about Nature Boy's comment anyways. Ok, here's the downlow, now that this is all settled down. Nature Boy is working with Sasha, giggles and makes a comment that Pip and Lana must be sleeping together because ever notice how well they get along? Sasha flips the fuck out and and goes to Nancy before consulting either Pip or Lana on the matter. So while it's initially NB's fault for being . . . stupid, I think Sasha is to blame moreso for causing this to turn into a mountain when it shouldn't have ever gone beyond an eyeroll and a weak laugh. Saturday, Pip was at the point of venting at me for over 15 minutes and was wanting to switch departments or leave Volde-Mart altogether, I'd never seen him this upset before. While he seemed better later on in the day, having been sent to zone aisles in grocery and thus getting away from everyone, he was still bothered.

Wednesday however, I was asked to push a broom (Volde-Mart safety sweeper was going on lunch and they had no one to cover him) around the store for an hour, and was met by Pip and T rushing out at me through the produce doors wanting to know WTF I was doing. (Awesome, I got to carry the walkie and everything. I felt so important. Heh.) They then asked each other if they had any trash in their pockets so they could throw it on the floor for me to sweep up. They seemed to both be in a great mood, and when I got Pip on his own a few minutes later ("I brought you lunch!" *pushes broom towards him* "Woohoo! Fries, chicken nuggets, and . . . something brown."), he said the whole thing was straightened out. Nature Boy finally just told everyone that he'd only been joking around, and didn't mean to cause all this trouble. Then he tried hugging Pippy to death all while crying and saying how sorry he was. Pippy says he's pretty sure the boy was stoned out of his mind, but told him next time he wants to play or joke around, to just come to him directly and not to joke around with Sasha like that anymore, since she apparently thought he was serious *rolls eyes* And people wonder why I get along better with guys than other women, geez. Pip says now every time Lana's husband is in the store, he glares daggers at him. He also says that Lana's husband is a very large man. Yikes. Pippy's barely average, bless him. It's why I refer to him as Pippy, after all. (Although I must say, the startlingly blue eyes, permanent cheeky expression, and slight resemblance to Billy Boyd help, too. *cough*) But anywho, long story shortened to not quite so long, it's forgotten for the most part, he doesn't want to quit his job anymore, and everyone loves him again. Although the bitch in me was amused at how embarassed Sasha looked when he waved goodbye at her on his way out.

Well, oddly enough I still don't have anymore memorable tales of customer suckage. I know I said this was supposed to be a work blog, but I'm sure no one will care if I make it whatever. I pretty much have already, hehe.

Yesterday was sllloooooow. You can always tell when it's the end of the month and people don't have much money to spend. But for a 4-11 shift, it was pretty pleasant and didn't drag much; there seemed to always be someone to talk to. Being the health-conscious person I am, I grabbed a bag of Skittles and a Pepsi on lunch break, and went outside to move my truck up closer; they tell us we're not supposed to park close, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna walk all the way across that parking lot in the dead of night, and no one really blames me, and management hasn't said anything to me about it, either. Got that done, didn't feel like calling anyone and didn't feel like sitting around in there either, so I headed back inside. I'm walkin', I'm walkin', and I hear a whistling behind me. And again. And again. Oh hai, Pippy! "Why do you expect me to answer to that?" Not that I was really mad, but I have a slight thing about people whistling at other people like a dog. "Well, I was behind you here, and I kept saying 'Shiny. Shiny. Hey, Shiny!' But you weren't answering. " Erm. That again. I bullcrapped my way out of that by saying that I've learned to tune out noise and voices in the store since it's always so loud in there, but it bothered me nonetheless. I don't doubt he was saying my name over and over, and I wasn't hearing him. I've found myself having to ask people to repeat themselves more and more often lately, and I don't like it. I think the ear infections I had between 18 and now are starting to take their toll on me, and it kind of scares me. The one I had in both ears over last Christmas was particularly bad and the ER doc said that my eardrums probably would have burst if I'd gotten to her much later. Guess I'll have to go get my hearing tested, ach. Pip doesn't seem to mind much though, and we ended up walking around the store for a while; he wanted to look for a costume for his friend's baby and ended up getting the crap scared out of him when he walked past a motion-activated animatronic skull on the shelf and it started making ghoulie noises at him. Gawd, at least I know what's been making that annoying noise all day. It only makes me sad that it can't be turned off and I'll still be hearing it until they put all our Halloween merchandise on clearance. I guess it's kind of worth it though, since I got to see him jump out of his skin like that XD. Then he followed me to the benches by the lockers and sat there until he decided to go home. Apparently there was a counting team in Produce and he and the rest of the team couldn't stock or touch anything until they were done, which is how he ended up shooting the shit with me so long, although he really probably shouldn't have, LOL. We're sitting there and Nancy Hicks is just a few feet away around the corner with some other associates, and I look over next to me to see Pippy leaning surreptitiously forward and pretend to be texting so that his face was hidden should Nancy peep around the corner and see him there. The kicker is that she did walk by a couple of times and didn't say anything. Maybe we never grow up after all, lol. I like hanging out with him, but I do really hope that doesn't come back and bite his butt.

Also, a curse on him and his love of things small, pink, and helpless. The man adores babies and small children, hence why he was walking around the store hunting for baby costumes for a child that's not even his. We walked by the infant section and there was a onesie there with an owl on it. He read it and went "AWWW! 'Hoo luvs you'. Ain't that cute?" STFU, Pippy, that crap makes me all weak and shit. I don't even want kids, at least I think I don't. The idea repulses me to no end. Yet men who are good with kids will give me jelly legs like nothing else. There was also a really cute baby who came through with his mother last night, he was being so good. But I still don't want one. No. No. Curse you, Pippy and Cute Baby.

That's pretty much it . . . except, oh yeah. Today was the first. The place was an absolute ZOO, hardly any room to move at all, ugh. Working behind the register wasn't so bad, but Mom's been under the weather so she sent me off this morning with a check and a weekly shopping list. WHAT makes people think it's ok to stand in the same spot, in the dead center of an aisle, staring off into space so that there's no room on either side for anyone to get around? Ugh. Then they give you cat-butt face when you do dare to excuse yourself along with the twenty or so irritated people behind you. Another thing I don't understand . . . parents. You have a stroller the size of an SUV complete with dually setup and what looks like fucking saddlebags hanging off the side and could probably survive a family of four on a small disaster with what you've got loaded down in there. Yet there are no kidlings in this stroller. There is no kidling in the baby carrier in your shopping cart either, no. Your two older ones are walking one on each SIDE of you while you carry Baby, making you go three times as slow as you would if you put your contraptions to their intended use.

Ok, that's really it this time. Happy 1st day of October, and enjoy the loverly weather it's bringing with it.

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