Thursday, October 28, 2010

I can't really complain too much about the new job. In fact, I couldn't have really asked for better. I don't exactly have banker's hours, but it's close enough. Pharmacy is only open from 9am-9pm Monday through Friday, and 10-7 on weekends. And of course it's closed most major holidays. There's a lot to take in over there and we do very little standing around, but everyone is so great and friendly and it's like a little family back there. It's weird because a lot of my friends think I've been calling out or on leave this week when I've been in three days, and I had to explain to them I went to a new department, LOL. Pippy says he'll have to stop by and see me every now and then because he never sees me up front anymore, I told him he'd better. He said he'll have to find a new friend. I'm pushing him into his big box of pumpkins next time I see him dangling halfway in it, I swear I will, the little brat.

Sigh, even Mom says I should just start being as nosy to Pippy as he is to me, since he keeps beating around the bush and asking my weekend schedules. Good god boy, if you wanna get to know me better, just ask, I won't bite your head off. Yeah, you're a dirt poor white boy with two kids to pay for. You drive a beaten up, wood paneled old Dodge Caravan that you share with your disabled brother and it's fugly as hell, because your pickup needs a battery and you can't afford one right now. You have absolutely nothing monetarily or materially to offer me and Pip . . . I don't give a shit that you're poor. I've always been pretty poor and I'd be VERY poor if my parents didn't let me live at home no charge. I don't care if you have no transport and I'd have to pick you up at your house instead of the other way round. Bah, I wish I could tell him this without seeming patronizing or overeager. The fair is starting this weekend and I'm probably not working, and I know I'd be done by 7 if I were anyways. We should go and fill ourselves with a week's worth of crappy calories in a single night and make fun of all the weird people there, or maybe stop for tacos after.

Why can't I just say that? :(

Cursing out coworkers -

Remember a while back I posted about 'Nate', one of the maintenance guys that we all found a little creepy/jerky because of the way he acted? I mean gosh, he overheard a conversation about taco shells and made an innuendo about hard-ons. He got fired a couple of weeks ago; apparently several things had been building up against him, from employee complaints, customer complaints, and something he was seen doing on security cameras on the two days leading up to him being terminated, I still don't know what he did. The straw that broke the camels back though, from what I heard from Pippy, is that Nate got upset with AJ, one of our assistant managers. Now, AJ is one of those rare members of management that everyone actually likes. He has a spine unlike most mgrs, and he's generally just really fun to be around. If I'm in the back and hear someone screaming or singing at the top of their lungs like a crazy person, it's probably just him. Anyways, Nate got upset with him and called him a retard. FYI folks, calling anyone at the workplace a retard doesn't bode well for your job future, especially not a manager. This was Nate's third time being employed with Volde-Mart and I think his third time getting fired. It seems no one will miss him.

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