Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Notes On A Scandal

Wait, I don't drive a Scandal. I don't even think any auto manufacturer has even named one of their models 'Scandal' yet. Hey! Maybe I should patent that, I'll be rich! Actually, I drive a Dakota 4 door that I like very much. Several times this year, I've found notes and flyers stuck underneath of my windshield wipers, most commonly are advertisements and coupons for local restaurants, or announcements for classes, or a pawn shop opening up. While I was on the remodel team, after a particularly bad day, I found a very rude note from one of the ladies who works up front, saying that I parked her in, she couldn't get into her driver's side door, and that I need to be more thoughtful of others when I park. That one got crumpled up almost as soon as I read it and I was livid for several days. I figured if I could get my big ol' truck door open, she should be able to squeeze into that stupid yellow hybrid she gets around in. A bit meek when I realized it was someone I've known for a while, but I let it bother me less and less all the time, when I reminded myself how many times this person has been moved around the store because she has problems getting along with both coworkers AND customers. She had to be removed from her job at the liquor store portion of the 'Mart because she yelled at her partner in there for 'humming a song' or 'chewing gum'. I still did not appreciate the note, though.

Yesterday as I was getting into the driver's seat to leave, I noticed a very long receipt from a CVS Pharmacy stuck haphazardly under the wiper. Oh boy, what is it this time? I pulled it out, got back into my seat, and started to read what was scribbled across the back -

"I am sorry I hit your truck to get ahold of me call - "

I stopped right there and read that bit over several times, attempting to let my mind digest it. I was imagining all sorts of violent, rude, and degrading things I'd like to say to someone dumb enough to hit my parked vehicle and then have the gumption to just drive off and leave me with nothing more than a piece of paper and a phone number instead of trying to find me via the store intercom. In a few short seconds, I was imagining all the headache the next few months would be, with repairs, and insurance, and generally dealing with a person I'd already decided was the lowest form of idiot. Then I looked at it and read it again, in it's entirety.

"I am sorry I hit your truck to get ahold of me call blah blah blah HaHa

Your favorite produce guy, Kenny"

Relief washed over me and the look of horror and near tears on my face quickly dissolved into a smile, then laughter that lasted the whole drive home. Cute Pippy, very cute. And I'm going to tell him so tomorrow. It might sound ridiculous and silly, but it made my whole frikkin' day, that did. And now I'm simply wondering if he does this kind of thing to all of his friends, or if he's trying to get my attention more than he already has . . . ugh. Yeah. Maybe he just wanted to make me smile. It certainly worked. Too well.

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