Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Didn't go to sleep until probably after 2AM last night and was woken by the boss calling me at 8 in the morning wanting to know if I could come in because H is out sick. The previous day had been hellish in every way possible and the thought of going back kind of made me want to cry, but I said I'd get there as soon as I could. After all, Dix would be back at work and Pip would be there too. Turns out the customers weren't too bad, and Crotchety Pharmacist™ was in a remarkably good mood, laughing and joking and carrying on instead of chucking things at us and yelling , grumbling like normal. He seemed particularly tickled by a list of 'ways to know you're in a redneck church' that was emailed to him and kept passing it around to everyone and laughing himself silly. Also turns out when the other cashier, A came in, she was nice enough to be cool with me not going to lunch until 4 when she normally would go so I could go with Dixie. Pip saw me and said to let him know if we were going anywhere because he wanted to come. He did the same thing yesterday actually; told me to come see him when I was going to lunch so we could hang out. Didn't have my truck then so we just sat outside and shared chips and gummi worms. You know, normal adult behavior. The three of us went to Burger King today and he ended up bumming a dollar off me. We had a good time though, mostly talking about body mods, of all things. I've finally decided on a design (if you're reading this Amy, thanks for the help!) and it's just a matter of figuring out when to get it done; Dixie wants to come with me.

She'd clocked out a little earlier than me and so I was left there alone with Pip for a few minutes before it was time for us to re-attach the ball and chain. I forget how the subject even came up, I think I was talking about the weekend and how I was glad I'd be off because Saturday is my birthday, and I found myself fairly taken back when he went on about "Oh yeah, it's the 12th, isn't it? Do you work Friday? I could take my lunch a little early so we could go get dinner together or something. I'll check my schedule."

I'm not sure what the fuck just happened or if he'll make good on that but it made me very happy.

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