Sunday, February 13, 2011

It makes me smile

It's been an odd week, seeming like the days would vary from going to hellish to awesome to hellish and back to awesome again. Friday was crazy as usual, and with us having two techs and a cashier out it was even moreso. And infuriatingly enough, none of the impatient customers seemed to care when we explained the reason for the delays on their orders. Things like diabetic and blood pressure meds I can understand, but if you get pissy with me because your levothyroxin isn't ready yet and you were supposed to have it 15 minutes ago, don't expect me to sympathize. As a matter of fact, any and all sympathy I had for you went out the window after you left and one of the techs told me that you'd had that prescription written and given to you in NOVEMBER and just now came to fill it. But in the meanwhile, as I'd suspected but entirely forgotten about, Dixie was stealthily trolling about our little box getting everyone to sign a birthday card for me, and it just made my day. I know it's tradition to do that for everyone but it still makes me feel loved, you know? The group of mixed nuts that is the pharmacy crew are just people I'm coming to love more and more all the time.

Pippy caught me on my way to lunch and expressed much regret he couldn't come with me because he'd just come in, so I told him I could meet him when he got off Saturday night instead. Came home to a FB message saying he had to take his Dad somewhere that night and couldn't make it, but that I could meet him at noon instead if I wanted to. Hmm. I thought for a while because it kind of made me think he was trying to back out on me, but early the next morning he'd sent another message saying to call him and let him know, so I sent him a text saying noon was fine. I guess I just worry to much, that and my over-analyzing. I'd also gotten a little freaked out because Dixie said she'd been teasing him about taking me out and had told him he'd better take me someplace nice or she'd beat the crap out of him. O_o I told him I hadn't meant for anyone to pick at him because of the rumor trouble he'd gotten in last year, and he said he didn't care if people thought things like that about us because I'm not married to another employee like Lana, LOL. So yeah, I worry too much, blame my Mom for that, ha. She's much worse.

It was just lunch like it always is with us, nothing particularly special, but it was super great, for once, to be out on my birthday with someone of the opposite sex that isn't a relative, even if he is just a friend. For now. He mentioned that one of the cashiers keeps trying to ask him out and he keeps saying no. She's about 10-12 years older than he is and twice his size, poor lady, lol. I was genuinely surprised when he said who it was because I wasn't aware she even knew who he was. Apparently after she realized he really meant no, she started asking his brother instead. The boys are just to damn cute and lovable for their own good, I guess. Some fun tidbits I discovered yesterday . . .

He loves big dogs and went goo-goo eyed and whimpered "Awwwwwww!" when he realized someone was selling mastiff pups at the sub shop across from work. He didn't want to go look at them when I offered to drive over there though, said the temptation to buy one on the spot would be too much.

He's unable to watch Bambi, Steel Magnolias, and Fried Green Tomatoes because they make him cry uncontrollably.

He can't wait for summer to get here so he can spend all his days off at the river. And he wants me to come with him.

Not sure what to think right now, but it's nice to know he really does want me around, and even nicer to know he's not bothered that people keep assuming the two of us are together when we aren't. I don't know if people are asking him as much as they are me; one of the older cashiers was picking up a script Friday and asked "So, that guy I'm seeing you with all the time, is he your boyfriend?"

"Nah. We're friends."

"Oh . . . I thought he was your boyfriend. Well why ain't he?!"


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