Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm barfing up rainbows . . .

. . . and it's his fault. And I'm also scared. Pippy's been really quite adorable the past couple of days; yesterday we were on the same schedule and I walked by produce on my way to clock out for lunch. It's really way out of my way to go to that side of the store to clock out, but we all know why I do it. He saw me, mouthed "Time to go?" and immediately dashed to the back to put up whatever he was doing and follow me. We went to Zaxby's and he took it upon himself to run to the counter to grab my order and bring it to me. You're embarrassing me, Pip, but don't stop. Today he came in an hour earlier than I did, so I figured he'd just go ahead without me, but when 4pm rolled around, he strolled right up to the pharmacy counter and asked me when I was ever going to go. I had such an awful line piled up, but I let Hope know I'd be going in a few minutes and she came out to help me get it down; after we got rid of all the dumba--- um, customers, I said I was sorry, but that he made me so girly. Unsurprisingly, she understood. It's usually me going by his department and collecting him, never the other way round, and it was nice to be on the flip side. He said that he wanted to wait for me so he could keep me company and it made the rest of his workday shorter anyways. We made a quick stop for tacos and spent the rest of the time sitting outside in the smoker's lounge; the weather has just been so nice lately and it's a crime to stay indoors unless you can help it.

I've made a habit of sitting close to him, I daresay uncomfortably close, but he doesn't move away. Not when I surreptitiously scoot just a little closer or put my chin over his shoulder when he shows me something on his phone. I'm forever all up in his personal space and he doesn't do a damn thing about it. I had to thank him tonight for having lunch with me yet again, and he went on to tell me how much he considers me one of his best friends because I never want anything from him other than friendship. Excuse me while I run laps around the house at 1AM and scream and squeal like a demented banshee. See why I throw up rainbows now?

But of course this terrifies me as well; what if I'm forever filed into the 'Friends4EVER!' part of his life and that's all we'll ever be? What if both of us are too chickenshit to give anything beyond a chance because we're afraid we'll screw up what we already have? On the other hand, it's said that there's nothing better than realizing you love your best friend. I guess only time will tell. Told him he's getting a big hug next time I see him and he says he'll be expecting it. We'll just go from there and see what happens.

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