Friday, March 11, 2011

My Beloved Monster and Me

Pippy's probably one step above dirt poor, which in turn causes him to be a cheap little bastard.

So why did he pay for lunch today?

I find myself tonight even more confused than ever, although I guess this is at least a good thing, right? It's not like he's pushing away or sneering at me like in my nightmares. Interesting topics came up today though. We're pulling out of Voldemart and he glances at the teeny-tiny mini-plaza across from us, specifically at the shop in the middle, and said he wondered if they do well with business. It's a bridal shop called the Glass Slipper. Ok, that was weird, but it did let me put out there that I didn't really think much of extravagant weddings. He said while his first (and only) was more than he would have wanted, he thinks your first one should be nice, anyways. Yeah, we talked about weddings and it was kind of weird and part of me thinks it's a little seriously fucked up, but it is what it is. Then we get to Moe's, which is fast becoming the official stomping grounds of most of the Pharmacy as well as other departments, make the mistake of ordering something that is no longer on the menu, and contrary to what I call him and what I say, I learn that my friend Pip isn't really much of a hobbit after all. I had the guy put mushrooms on my burrito. His response? "Eeeww!" For shame, Produce Guy, for shame. Then he paid and I felt a little awkward but it was all good. He knew what kind of soda I was going to get before I got it, and that made me smile. Good god, he makes me feel like a teenager. Then he confused me some more.

We had a few minutes after we got back, so we sat on a bench in the back and after half the ICS team whooshed by and the four o'clock shift change thinned out, I reached over and gave him a hug and thanked him for lunch. He was sweet and all "I figured I'd pay, since you drove." Yeah, because the two minute drive from Volde-Mart to Moe's sucked up SO much of my gasoline. But he didn't hug me back or lean his head against mine :-( I don't understand you, Pippy, I really don't. He's easily the weirdest, most confusing friend I've ever had. And he's also my favorite. A bunch of my Funny Pharm friends are going to Applebee's for St. Paddy's next week and I'm pretty sure he's off that day and I'm gonna try and get him to come. Surely he's allowed to be at a restaurant for a few hours, right? I'll buy him a drink and be his DD and everything. Anywho, it's nice that my newfound boldness in grabbing, touching, hugging and lol . . . scratching, isn't driving him away. Sadly, he wasn't itching today but nor did he pull away when I touched him. But why's he afraid to touch back?

One of life's huge mysteries.

Okay, time to put Pip into the back of my mind for a while and chill out with Quills. Sorry, but Geoffrey Rush makes 'dirty old man' seem like a really hot concept.

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